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Below is a list of devices which are confirmed to run with the current version of Cumulus.

If you are running a different model, please take a moment to update the page.

We also maintain a list of unsupported devices


Supported Devices

Davis Range

  • Vantage Pro
  • Vantage Pro 2
  • Vantage Vue

Oregon Scientific

  • WMR-928
  • WMR-918
  • WM-918
  • WMR-968
  • Equivalent rebadged Radio Shack stations (serial only)
  • WMR-88, WMR-100, WMRS200 and WMR-200

see Extra_temperatures

Fine Offset

(MyDEL, Nevada, Watson, Tycon Power, Fine Offset etc)

Use the "Fine Offset (WH1080)" setting in Cumulus for these:

  • W8681
  • WH1080
  • WH1080PC
  • WH1081
  • WH1090
  • WH1091
  • National Geographic 265NC
  • PCE-FWS 20
  • ELECSA 6975
  • ClimeMET CM2000
  • Maplin N96FY/N96GY
  • Ambient Weather WS-1080/WS-2080
  • WeatherEye WEA22
  • Jaycar Digitech XC0348 (AU/NZ)
  • Tycon Power TP1080WC (USA)

Use the "Fine Offset with UV/Light sensor" setting for these:

  • WH3080 and WH3081
  • WS3080 and WS3081
  • Other Fine Offset stations which have solar sensors (rather than just solar charging)

There are many other brands of station which are rebadged Fine Offset stations.

La Crosse

  • WS-2300 range (all model numbers of the form 23xx). Use of a USB/Serial adapter is not supported with these stations.

Note that I don't have access to a La Crosse station, and the PC interface on these stations is very poor. If you find that you don't get very good results using Cumulus with one of these, I'm afraid I probably won't be able to do anything about it.


Recent models of Instromet stations

Unsupported Devices

Specifically, the following do not work with Cumulus. This is not a definitive list but stations we have come across which are not supported.

  • La Crosse WS3650 and WS2800 (all model numbers in range WS36xx and WS28xx)
  • TFA-Sinus/TFA-Nexus/Honeywell/Irox/Cresta WXR-815LM/TE924W/TN924W etc
  • AcuRite
  • Peet Bros
  • Rainwise
  • Davis Weather Monitor
  • Davis Weather Wizard
  • Ambient WS-1000
  • Oregon Scientific WMR300

My station is unsupported - Can I use Cumulus?

If your station output can be changed into the EasyWeather_Format, then Cumulus can offer most of its functionality by reading the last line of that file each time.

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