Tnet Cumulus Scripts

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Name: TNET Cumulus Scripts
Type: Web Scripts, PHP
Author: TNET
Contact: 'TNETWeather' via the forum
Last update: 2010-02-02
Version: many

TNET has created a number of PHP based web scripts that support the Cumulus weather station software.

Scripts Available

Some of the scripts available include:

  • Cumulus Server Check Script
  • Cumulus JpGraph Graphs Package
  • Cumulus GetMetar Include Script
  • Cumulus PHP-GD Avatar
  • Cumulus PHP-GD Thermometer
  • Cumulus PHP-GD Banner
  • Cumulus RealTimeLog Script
  • Cumulus RSS Feed
  • Cumulus TNET Webtags Include Script
  • Cumulus WAP Dynamic Page
  • PHP (No Database) Dayfile.txt Parser

Support Page

All of this scripts are documented on the TNET Cumulus Project Page along with download, individual scripts, documentation and support.